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The Swing Machine grew out of a band organized by Dick Welsch in 1996 to play for side parties at that year's Republican National Convention in San Diego using the name the "Dole Patrol".  Larry Schaefer founded The Swing Machine out of the remnants of "The Dole Patrol" In July 1996.  Only two of the original Swing Machine members are still playing with the band.  Although all who are still alive sub in as needed. Five other remaining musicians came on board later in 1996.

The Swing Machine has entertained the public with live music at Loudon, Tennessee, Bucyrus, Ohio, and a few places in between including Galion, Delaware, Marysville, Pickerington, Westerville, Dublin, Athens and Columbus, Ohio.  Interesting venues have included the McCoy Center, the Galion Octoberfest jazz stage, a CAPA dinner dance, the Columbus Arts Festival, the Clintonville Women's Club, the Park of Roses, Franklin Park Conservatory, the Leatherlips Yacht Club, Inniswood Gardens, the Worthington Library Concerts, The Ohio State Fair, St. Johns Episcopal Church, the old Holiday Inn on Lane Avenue and the old City Center plus multiple retirement homes and Nationwide's Childrens' Hospital.

Larry Schaefer fronts the big band

About Our Founder Larry Schaefer

Larry K. Schaefer started on piano at age eight more or less. The piano survived.

Beginning in eighth grade he played the French horn but before he graduated from high school he discovered jazz and learned that few jazz/swing bands used French horns. So he acquired a cornet and then a string bass. He now owns a clarinet, a trumpet, a French horn, a bass trumpet (sounds like a trombone) and a string bass. None of which he plays well enough for the band so he simply fronts.

Much of the time he manages to set the proper tempo for the chart being played. He even manages often to get the right cut-off at the end of the song but during the playing he stays out of the way so the musicians can shine. He doesn't sing. He doesn't even lift any bales or tote any barges but he lets the river... whoops, the music flow nicely. He used to be a good dancer.

Sadly, Larry K. Schaefer passed away Tuesday April 26, 2016 at about 10:20 P.M.  Larry was a father, a grandfather and a great grandfather.  Larry was a patron of the arts especially the music arts.  His contributions were both financial and actively playing in and running his own band.  The Central Ohio Music Scene lost a great man and a great friend.

George M. Paree has been leading The Swing Machine Since April, 2015.  George has been playing with The Swing Machine since it's July 1996 inception.  George and Dave Warner are the only two remaining original members in the band.  George has been playing the slide and valve trombone, the euphonium (Baritone) and tuba since September, 1958.  George will provide an exciting band for your listening pleasure.

Call George at (614) 329-5577, (614) 442-5577 or email George at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..